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Naive Melody vs ReviveHER - FUNIKI ENE label launch party / COS/MES album release party (FUNIKI ENE European tour) After successfully collaborating at Dalston Superstore with Tiago & DJ Kaos, Naive Melody and London based ReviveHER have decided to team up again, this time digging even deeper to bring Manchester (Soup Kitchen) two of Tokyo's finest - Chida & Cos/Mes. They're touring promoting the new label "Funiki Ene" and the Cos/Mes album - "Sadistic Skatepark". This stop will be the UK debut for both artists. Buzzing to say the least.

CHIDA (Ene) has been a pioneer of the Tokyo underground house scene since the 90s. His recent label project "Ene" began in 2009 (Loving this label!), the records are ultra limited and hard to find but live up to every inch of the hype they've created. Check out recent releases by Psychogem, Tiago and The Backwoods (aka DJ Kent/Force of Nature) for proof. Last year the end of the night crescendo of "The Backwoods - Cloud Nine" reverberated around dance floor's world wide, leaving crowds literally stunned. A huge hit for Andrew Weatherall, Ivan Smagghe and forward thinking DJs alike. Chida is now preparing to release the new Cos/Mes LP and 12" (with remixes by Dr Dunks / Soft Rocks + more) on their new joint label "Funiki Ene" this summer (along with a heap of new Ene releases...yes!)

COS/MES (Funiki Ene/ESP Institute) are without a doubt one of the hottest electronic acts in the scene holding their own alongside fellow Japanese stalwarts Force of Nature, Discosession and Crue-L. Cos/Mes released their peerless full length LP "Gozmez Land - Chaosexotica" in October 2010 to great acclaim. It has been described as an exotic journey over eleven stunning tracks, beautifully constructed and holding their own individually while working in perfect harmony as a gracefully paced album. This was backed by a run of killer singles remixed by the likes of TBD + Dr Dunks, with glorious artwork by artist Mario Hugo. A truly special series of releases from ESP Institute... Needless to say, we fell in love. Next up... Sadistic Skatepark!!! Help us celebrate the release of this highly anticipated LP and the launch of Cos/Mes and Chida's brand new label Funiki Ene.

"COS/MES - Sadistic Skatepark LP (Re-mastered)" is out June 22nd on Funiki Ene.


Naive Melody vs ReviveHer Chida & Cos/Mes - FUNIKI ENE European tour
Saturday 2nd July at Soup Kitchen
10pm till 3am
£5 before midnight
£7 after

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