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NM vs RH2(poster)finished.web500.jpgReviveHer vs Naive Melody at Dalston Superstore final design web500.jpgNaive Melody residents April 22ndweb.jpeg

NM vs RH2(flyer)simple.web500.jpg

Naive Melody vs ReviveHER - FUNIKI ENE label launch party / COS/MES album release party (FUNIKI ENE European tour) After successfully collaborating at Dalston Superstore with Tiago & DJ Kaos, Naive Melody and London based ReviveHER have decided to team up again, this time digging even deeper to bring Manchester (Soup Kitchen) two of Tokyo's finest - Chida & Cos/Mes. They're touring promoting the new label "Funiki Ene" and the Cos/Mes album - "Sadistic Skatepark". This stop will be the UK debut for both artists. Buzzing to say the least.

CHIDA (Ene) has been a pioneer of the Tokyo underground house scene since the 90s. His recent label project "Ene" began in 2009 (Loving this label!), the records are ultra limited and hard to find but live up to every inch of the hype they've created. Check out recent releases by Psychogem, Tiago and The Backwoods (aka DJ Kent/Force of Nature) for proof. Last year the end of the night crescendo of "The Backwoods - Cloud Nine" reverberated around dance floor's world wide, leaving crowds literally stunned. A huge hit for Andrew Weatherall, Ivan Smagghe and forward thinking DJs alike. Chida is now preparing to release the new Cos/Mes LP and 12" (with remixes by Dr Dunks / Soft Rocks + more) on their new joint label "Funiki Ene" this summer (along with a heap of new Ene releases...yes!)

COS/MES (Funiki Ene/ESP Institute) are without a doubt one of the hottest electronic acts in the scene holding their own alongside fellow Japanese stalwarts Force of Nature, Discosession and Crue-L. Cos/Mes released their peerless full length LP "Gozmez Land - Chaosexotica" in October 2010 to great acclaim. It has been described as an exotic journey over eleven stunning tracks, beautifully constructed and holding their own individually while working in perfect harmony as a gracefully paced album. This was backed by a run of killer singles remixed by the likes of TBD + Dr Dunks, with glorious artwork by artist Mario Hugo. A truly special series of releases from ESP Institute... Needless to say, we fell in love. Next up... Sadistic Skatepark!!! Help us celebrate the release of this highly anticipated LP and the launch of Cos/Mes and Chida's brand new label Funiki Ene.

"COS/MES - Sadistic Skatepark LP (Re-mastered)" is out June 22nd on Funiki Ene.


Naive Melody vs ReviveHer Chida & Cos/Mes - FUNIKI ENE European tour
Saturday 2nd July at Soup Kitchen
10pm till 3am
£5 before midnight
£7 after

ReviveHer vs Naive Melody at Dalston Superstore final design web500.jpgKiller party happening folks. We've teemed up with ReviveHER and chosen friends / world class record collectors / DJs / producers Tiago and DJ Kaos (T + K) to fly over from their native Lisbon and Berlin respectively, to spin back to back, from the very beginning to the very end, in the basement at Dalston Superstore. An unmissable opportunity to see these two play together in such an intimate space in London. Get in.

ReviveHER vs Naive Melody
Tiago (Lisbon) & DJ Kaos (Berlin)
Bank Holiday Saturday 28th May
Dalston Superstore
Free before 10pm
9pm till 4am

Naive Melody - Ballooning Round Town

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l copy.jpg Ballooning Round Town by Naive Melody

1. Toby Tobias - Fluffy Fruit
2. Trujillo - Fruit Punch (Eddie C Remix)
3. Sam-Jam - Dance & Chant
4. KZA - Le Troublant Acid
5. The Sunburst Band - Put A Lyric In It (The Revenge Remix)
6. KID - Hupendi Muziki Wangu? ! (You Don't Like My Music)
7. Space Dimension Controller - Transatlantic Bay
8. Newworldaquarium - Trespassers
9. Paul Johnson - Hour Glass Figure
10. Cosmic Kids - Reginald's Groove (Classix Mix)
11. Shadow Dancer - It's Everything
12. Crazy P - My Love
13. Todd Terje - Ragysh
14. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Round And Round (Stallions Remix)
15. The XX - VCR (Four Tet Remix)
16. Factory-Floor - R E A L L O V E (An Optimo (Espacio) Remix)

Naive Melody residents April 22ndweb.jpeg

Back in town!

After ventures far apart, the brothers are back in arms at our beloved Charlies for a truly special Good Friday. Its been 6 months since our last party and as it was in the beginning the Naive Melody team will be manning the music selection.

NM x

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5th birthday illustration poster finished web.jpg
Pug web.jpg
We've reached a point where together we feel that the monthly parties are no longer possible and our 5th birthday knees-up seems like a fine occasion to round things off.
There will be one-off parties happening in 2011, we have some great artists who want to work with us in the future, but that is all we can say for now... so just look out!

Glancing back, every month has been an occasion for us to remember, memories of love, happiness and freaking out on the floor...

To all our dear friends and lovers, we would like to thank you sincerely for your support over the years, you know who you are. We've enjoyed every inch of it and hope you have too!

They may have taken away the sticky carpet, but we can still rave the fuck on!!!
Greetings to all men and women far and wide,

We are feeling considerably refreshed after our summer departure and are now preparing for September's party. At Naive Melody We like to bring you a little bit extra and so we have asked two of DFA's finest men to join us - Tim Sweeney & Tim Goldsworthy. This will be the gents MCR debut playing together under their production moniker T&T.

Tim Sweeney began his illustrious career by inte...rning for NY DJ legend Steinski, which led to a bizarre string of chance meetings, gigs and events that read like a teen beat digger's wet dream.
He then met Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy where he also interned and became forever part of the DFA family. Sweeney has been airing his Beats in Space radio show for 10 years on New York's WNYU. Since it's inception BIS has developed into perhaps the strongest, diverse and eclectic dance music show/podcast on the internet. His following is uncharted and we take it as a given that if your reading this then you already know the score.

Tim Goldsworthy has produced an intimidating line up of artists that stands up as a who's who in modern music - U.N.K.L.E (Goldsworthy co-founded James Lavelle's Mo' Wax label). He went on to work with James Murphy on LCD Soundsystem and is a joint owner of DFA records. Other hot bands that Tim has produced include The Rapture, Cut Copy, Hercules & Love affair and David Holmes. Big...
You may have heard the heavy sounding remixes he's been knocking out under "The Loving Hand"; Combined with his production and engineer work, TG has pretty muched changed the sound of dance and electronic music that we know and love today.

We hope to hear some brand spanking new live material from the pair, expect Tim Sweeney to bring us wonderful vision's of tomorrow's music as he throws it down with all manner of unreleased tracks and classics from back in the day.

Should be an absolute barnstormer of an evening, looking forward to seeing you all again.

NM x

Naive Melody presents T&T
Tim Sweeney & Tim Goldsworthy (DFA/Beats in space/The Loving Hand)
Friday 24th September
At Charlies, 1 Harter Street, MCR, M1 6HY
£8 adv (limited tickets)
£10 OTD
The month of July is upon us and it's Naive Melody's first excursion out of the UK borders. As this coincides with our usual party date the location has been changed to an equally quirky venue on the Balearic Island. Music will be selected by Naive Melody residents and Ian Blevins from the We Love... Posse. Also an extra special guest appearance by local hero who needs no introduction... Kelvin Andrews - Check his recent compilation with Balearic Mike "Down to the Sea and Back", possibly our soundtrack to the summer...

See you in the sunshine.

Stallions interview image.jpgWe managed to squeeze a few words out of Andrew and Doug prior to their appearance at Charlies later this week. Our apologies for the un-funny direction of questioning, we set them up for the worst interview they've ever had...

Q: Okay so the first question is for Andrew (Lovefingers), here's an interesting statement from your biog "The internationally acclaimed mix of 999 songs on Lovefingers' website has made it a compulsory stop off for those fascinated by the burgeoning eclecticism of the dance scene of today."  Would you say this is accurate and that it met with your initial aims?

LF: Yeah I guess the idea of 'anything goes' was a main theme for the site. I personally lean towards creating a context through a vast array of parts rather than summing things up in just a few parts - an environment rather than a statement. It wasn't necessarily educational, but more of an exploration where everyone was invited to take part. With 999 songs you can do almost anything, create any mood, juxtapose freely, find interesting linkages, create linear sequences... no limits!

Q: Doug Lee (Lee Douglas), it seems you have been working on some pretty hot projects recently; A nice 12 with Jacques Renault, you're much talked about project with Justin Vandervolgen (TBD) and lets not forget your collaboration with Andrew...
How's the project with Justin? It's fair to say he has also been killing it over the last year or so.

DL : I'll just give you a little disclaimer.. me no good with interviews.. so to answer your question:... Uh, Its good.....and yes Justin is ....   enough? ...No, ...hmm ..I guess the thing with TBD is its very free we have no rules, each track or remix we try to make its own thing... we're not trying to make our stuff "good" or "tasteful" or sound like anything for the most part ....maybe just memorable,... our stuff is not for your car or office..  not yet.anyway ....who knows... i shouldn't say stuff like that.. because i always contradict my statements..  so yes TBD .. is good,  just trying to not be bored or boring.. that pretty much sums it up.. although boring is good too and sometimes we are bored making our stuff.... Its called TBD that should be tell you something...

Q: You both live in NYC and use to live in LA so you've got it covered west to east. Anything we're missing out on over here that you can shed any light on, music/parties/life etc???

LF: This country is generally hit or miss, I think. We've both been to/played at amazing parties all over the place but just as many have been disappointments. I guess its no different than anywhere else. If you're friends are there it makes all the difference.

DL: NY is a great place and LA is cool too.. but they can be weird like anywhere..  as far as "missing out"  can't think of anything.. puerto ricans?  korean food..?

Q: If you weren't working at what it is that you are, then what would you be working as?

LF: A cook maybe?

DL: a creepy janitor ...i don't know ...  anything that actually pays ... this question sucks..

Q: Nerd out for a minute and talk about some of the records you own that we probably don't.

LF: I have the original master tapes of Thriller, with Michael and Quincy's notes on a sheet of paper in the box, if you like that kind of shit.

DL:  Tough one..  hmmm ...well my pal conor hooked me up with this Bob Chance album which its from 1980 but its sounds like 1972 hes about the goofiest white guy you can imagine the music is fucking out there, its good..   also andrew has these records from this guy steve tidbits or something they are suberb but i can't remember too much because i dont have them....  so i guess technically that doesnt count.

Q: The first time I heard the Stallions Suite I just closed my eyes and dreamt of a guy riding commando into the sun on the back of a pony. Can you tell us a bit about the vibe you were going for with this record?

LF: Eyes closed, hands in the air flailing, prancing around the dancefloor like a buffoon singing Ooooh Ooooh etc. I dunno, just a real feelgood kind of moment was the aim, long and drawn out.

DL: Bassically what Andrew said,... Fin showed up with this Ennio Morricone version of Outcasts Sorry Miss Jackson....hehe.. we looped up the bassline and recorded a few hours worth of stuff with his band.. Ennio Morricone was a big influence on that obviously.. we wanted to make something beautiful and epic.

Q: Who would be the dream artist for you to produce together as the Stallions?

ST: ...fuckin' Beethoven dude... whoo knows... i think were more into producers anyway so it would amazing to work with any number of legendary producers from Library music to Pop, Disco, House, Dance, Modern composers like Terry Riley ...  would be cool to see how these people work..

Q: When you're travelling around far away from home do you ever get lonely and look to your buddy for a bit of comfort if you know what I mean?

LF: Very funny.

DL: Andrew is not my type, i dont like beards and he smells like a white guy.

Q: Is there anything in particular within today's diverse and burgeoning world of music that you particularly can not stand? Please elaborate if you need to...

LF: Anything warped to shit with Ableton. Also people hammering that same dumb piano riff over and over... boring.

DL: I warp stuff and I made one of those piano tracks...asshole, but i know what your saying ,... i don't like to talk about things i don't like because i will probably end up doing just the thing i was saying i can't stand .... i would say its sad how dance music is so disposable.. its not really taken as seriously as some shitty band of talentless haircuts..
but i guess if it were any different i would probably be a douche bag too..

Q: When was the last time you heard a track and threw your hands up in the air, bit down on your lip and thought this is the shit?!?

LF: The new Backwoods album out soon is kinda like that. Maybe also the last time I heard Harvey drop Tranquillo.

DL: Second that backwoods LP from Kent (force of nature) MEGA!

Q: Who's got the best look?

ST: these guys..
Q: And the burning question, what is it about a moustache that makes a man so sexy?

ST: Authority.

Q: Thanks guys, any thoughts to leave us with?

ST: Don't listen to anything we just said......   check out ESP institute.. TBDSounds ,  TBD classics,  Come Party with us....leave your troubles behind.

The Stallions - A Night In Babylon (Live in Istanbul) by warmhq

Naive Melody Presents the Stallions

Lovefingers (ESP Institute/Blackdisco) & Lee Dougls (Rong/TBD)

Friday 25th June

10pm till 4am

£8 entry